Leverage Dance Theater – Moving with Science


Young Audiences of Houston presents Leverage Dance Company in an interactive exploration of Sir Isaac Newton's Laws of Motion.

This program is a dramatic dance performance, starring Sir Isaac Newton and his Laws of Motion as he describes the effects of forces on dancers' bodies in a playful, relatable way. The program introduces the addition and subtraction of forces, the effects of acceleration, centripetal force, friction, and more. As Sir Isaac explains his theories, the dancers test and challenge the theories in the execution of leaps, turns, and lifts. As the students watch the dancers and Laws of Motion in action, it helps them correlate the power and value of science in impacting their everyday lives.

Who knows? Perhaps it will inspire future interest in science's inquiries about the nature of the universe!

Presented by Young Audiences of Houston.

Location: Miller Outdoor Theatre
6000 Hermann Park Drive
Houston , Texas 77030

Date: Oct. 5, 2015, 11 a.m. - Oct. 5, 2015, noon